Open= Post: March 22 release

Hello Patrons!

In March, you will receive a brand new collection of models==2E You get miniatures of the jungle=20=fighters from ACE – Agrupaci=C3=B3n de C=omandos Especiales, mighty Bullmastiff truck, Eva=E2=80=9D Velvet=E2=80=9D =Johnson and the Banshee suit plus many other models. All professionaly pre-=supported, ready to print and play. Time to get them into the game!

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>>>>>>=>March set includes:

  • ACE Col. Lando
  • ACE Cisco
  • =

  • ACE Marcos
  • ACE Felix
  • ACE Victor
  • BANSHEE suit=
  • Eva =E2=80=98Velvet=E2=80=99 Johnson
  • Hank =E2=80=98The B=all=E2=80=99
  • Mad Dog
  • Tom Alva
  • Mighty BullMastiff= truck
  • plus a high-quality map in various formats

>>>>>>>Welcome Pack

  • C=yberpunk =E2=80=98The Can=E2=80=99
  • Strike Team OMEGA
  • Anti=-riot police officer
  • Black Site Agent
  • AI Avatar






>&g=t;>>>>>Endless Terrains set

&=gt;>>>>>>and more

UNIT9 de=liver amazing characters and almost endless possibilities.

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The Welcome Pack is our way to say hello!

<=p style=3D"margin:10px 0;">By joining our Patreon you will get access to th=e Welcome Package! Here’s what it includes – from corporate representatives= to mercenaries to gang members. Plus a set of unique bases! All models are= of course available in a pre-supported format and without supports.

The Welcome Pack includes the following models:

  • Strike Team “Omega”
  • Anti-riot armor
  • AI avatar
  • Agent’s black side
  • The Can
  • 14 multi-format cyberp=unk databases

All models available in =our Patreon are prepared in two formats – with and without supports. If you= don’t want to waste your time, just use the pre-support version of the mod=els, load them into the printer and print them. If you like to make models =yourself, no problem. This version is also available. Each catalog includes= an overview drawing to help determine which model is which.


Endless Terrains – is a constantly growing =collection of all kinds of terrains for battle and board games. Here you wi=ll find all kinds of chests, barrels, terminals, barriers and many other el=ements that will make your games look amazing.

All previous editions are also available in the MyMiniFactory store==2E You, as a Patron, receive a 50% discount code on all our= previous releases to get all the collections and also in thanks for suppor=ting us!

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Do you want to expand your collection? Use your= discount code and get all STLs from previous months!

After becoming our patron, you will get for:

  • 3 consecutive months you gain access to the PROTECTOR Re=wards, you earn the right to a free model we make for you!
  • 6 conse=cutive months you gain access to another awesome SPINNER Tank Rewards
  • =

  • 9 consecutive months you gain access to GOLIATH Rewards
  • 12 and= 15 consecutive months under development

Have we mention that each our mode=l is:

  • unique and unrepeatable
  • come with supports and w=ithout supports
  • 100% real cyberpunk
  • has its own profiles =for use in the Human Interface game
  • has an own history
  • hi=gh quality art, concepts and wallpapers will be available for selected mode=ls
  • reduce the costs of getting new miniatures on your wargaming ta=bles or RPG sessions

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Are you curious how our models look like after =print and paint? Take a look at those astonishing photos.=C2=A0

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