Spring Cleaning 01 – A Whole Bunch of New Content!

Since our very first release, one of the most requested piece=s of content in our library has been some proper 5e races for you to use in= your campaigns. Well, we’ve got you covered! =C2=A0Borough Bound Races Vol==2E 1 provides a bunch of lore and mec=hanics for kennelborn, rungal, chessk==C3=A6l, and fel’d=C3=A6r player characters. We’ve got some brand new art, =some slick new mechanics, and detailed overviews of the biology and culture= of these different races.=C2=A0

As we continue to flesh out LIMINA’s partner realms [and beyond???], y=ou’ll see these races start to pop up over and over. In addition to our sel=f-contained cities, we plan to continue fleshing out narratives that tie th=e various boroughs and realms together. =C2=A0Borough Bound Races Vol. 1 is= just the first piece of content that might point to some curious ties betw=een the strange worlds your players will be visiting.

Meddenfirth bu=t snowy

We’ve gotten a whole bunch= of requests for lots and lots of variant maps, particularly seaso=nal variants. Well, here’s our first piece of after-the-fact variant maps! =James redid the entire city of Meddenfirth as a frozen winter wond=erland. The options are truly endless here. Is this just Meddenfirth in the= snowy season? Or did an ice witch curse the city? Is this an entirely =different city? Did Meddenfirth get teleported to Vyndurvoht? I mean..==2E realistically, it’s probably just w=inter now, but hey, you should get cre=ative!

Un-Forge Interiors

As we c=ontinued to flesh out Meddenfirth a bit more, our interior cartographer Mat=t decided to tackle fan favorite the Un-Forge! This strange recycling facil=ity now has multi-floor interior maps. When your players are wrestling anim=ate toxic sludge into the dynamos, they will no longer have to just “imagin=e” what’s going on inside the city’s most intriguing building. As Matt cont=inues to build up his asset library, he hopes to return to past cities more= and more, so hopefully all of our boroughs will soon be filled with interi=or maps.

Cross-Borough Mashups

What =would your favorite Borough Bound tracks sound like if they had been writte=n for a different borough? Oh, you’ve never considered that? Well =you should have! Will has made three new minis for y’all:=C2=A0

    “Port Abuzz” x Crabwell
  • “The Sixth Exodus” x Meddenfirth
  • “Hewn from Mythic Stone” x Ancora Bay (Chief Courier and above)

<=p style=3D"margin:10px 0;">Try to see if your players notice “hey, that’s t=hat melody from that other city!” Perfect for the multiversal conundrums th=at are sure to arrive in any LIMINA campaign.

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