Hellenistic Temple (44×36)

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Hey everyone! This weeks map is a day= late, apologies for that! Let me present to you the Hellenistic Te=mple, the first map for the Churches & Temples theme.

Large temples dedicated to a variety of gods can be =found in southern Callaern. Countless pillars carry stone roof over the mas=sive structures. These temples are a truly marvelous piece of architecture =found exclusively in this isolated region.

W=hen the kingdom of Callaern was freed from the influence of the Burbric Emp=ire they started setting up trade posts along the western coast of Wordal. =The southern parts of these coasts never established trade routes with the =Burbric Empire and were instead trading with the Kingdom of Tarnen. The peo=ple, the Peretoi, lived in magnificent settlements and built beautiful buil=dings. Great bathhouses and aqueducts impressed the first Callaern traders =as they came to these lands.=C2=A0

Great tem=ples cresting tall hills dot these lands, and they are decorated with statu=es and altars dedicated to numerous gods, some known, some not. Trade relat=ions were established with the Peretoi, but it was not long before the Call=aern started incorporating their trade posts into the kingdom and through a= series of wars the entire west coast was conquered by the Kingdom of Calla=ern.

Released under CC BY-NC 4.0 license.

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