Release Schedule Plus Some= Updates

Hi everyone!

Wan=ted to post some quick updates and my release schedule for the month.

1. The next map is almost done, =and should be released tomorrow or day after! Here’s a quick preview of wha=t I have ready so far (not quite done yet):


2. We are upping the amount of encounters we ar=e going to release this month to 3-4. We’ll see how it goe=s, and if they are received well (which so far has been the case), then we =will continue with the pace.

3. And lastly h=ere are the dates for the releases for the month:

March 10

Marc=h 17

March 24

<=p style=3D"margin:10px 0;">March 31

4. And as usual, the Foundry packs, and the free animated map will be both posted at some point later this =month. Foundry packs most likely closer to the middle of the month, and the= animated map most likely closer to the end.

Hope you are all doing well, and don’t forget that you can join my= Discord server, if you want to a. Request battle maps. b. Ask questions about Scene Phaser. c.= Talk about all things ttrpgs :). d. Play= some Minecraft on our very own server (Minecraft 1.18 Jav=a survival).

Check it out!