Military Camp – Batt=lemap – Knightly Orders


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Since the Age of Heroes, knights have sto=od as a bulwark in our kingdom. Providing order and protection from those that may do us harm.

Bound to the lands they protect, they are sworn to serv=e their King in times of war and peace. If the peasants work for all, the clergy pray for all, then= the knights fight for all.

Yet th=e reading of history, as it so often does, resists such simplistic =ideals.

Across the kingdoms of the world m=any so-called, contract knights sell their noble skills to= the highest bidder. Landless or exiled knights, s=econd sons and basterd nobles, call such bands ho=me. Those you would exchange their honour for coin.

The Knights of Fortuna were one such ent=erprise=E2=80=A6

Extract from,= =E2=80=98The Nature of the Knight=E2=80=99 by <=strong>Fredrick Garek


Hi team!

I am very pleased to present to you our latest maj=or map release, the Military Camp.

Inspired by your suggestions in Discord, I thought= a large military camp would be an excellent addition to our theme of Knightly Orders.

In the making o=f this map I have also updated and expanded for library of Camping =Assets which I will upload to the Asset Vault tom=orrow, so keep an eye out for that!

This map should serve as an excell=ent location for a campaign hub, infiltration miss=ion or epic showdown, to name just a few!

Our next map is going to be a Fortified Tem=ple for paladins so pop over to Discord if you want to get involve=d in creating it!