Winners of the February Painting Contest!

It was a fierce competition for February, despi=te the lower number of entries. Some of our heavy hitters came out in force=! Here’s how the patron voting came out:

1st Place: vernonstudios (Usagibo, Daitengu Outlaw)
2nd Place: miniatures_=de_nico (Izdara & Ma’Irah, Mazigh Raider)
=3rd Place: chesmetpaints (Adventure=20=Snail)

mini_fantasy_dudes (Waqia, Musafiyah Shopkeep)

microbemanager (Usa=gibo, Daitengu Outlaw)
This was a tough tie between microbemanager a=nd gilmerian’s Xueren Shepherd. Both are very nic=ely painted, but the evil shadow bunnies under the ground of the base on Us=agibo won us over in the end.

Congratulations to the winners, and th=ank you to all the participants! I’ll be contacting them later today to dis=tribute their prizes.

March’s contest is bei=ng held in partnership with Marshall’s Miniatures, and for this one, everyo=ne will be painting Qingshan, Feixian Swordsman. In order to join that cont=est, you’ll have to join the Marshall’s Miniatures Discord channel and post= a starting photo in the #competition-wips channel to announce your partici=pation! Anyone who enters a painted figure will get 10% off the Phrozen web=site, and the winners will get some hefty prizes on top of that :O
Get t=he full details in our post:

Check it out!