Ballroom, Public 30×35

Hello, everyone!

Are you ready to take your players to the ball? With this week=E2=80=99s b=attle map, you can have a magnificent night to remember. Music, refreshment=s, and pleasant company abound!

But will you=r group really enjoy a nice evening? Or will they be attacked just when the=y least suspect it, by the fine musicians in the balcony?

I don=E2=80=99t know, I think those courtesans have a ghoulis=h vibe to them too. Well, let=E2=80=99s just hope they can all have a pleas=ant evening.

The creature tokens for this ma=p are an Aristocrat, a Flying Sword and a Vampire Mastermind. Emerald tier =gets the Aristocrat while Diamond tier gets all three. In addition, Sapphir=e tier gets extra creature token variants.

T=hank you very much for your support as always and have fun!

Check it out!