Desert Mine Entr=ance (30×30) Public

An old abandoned mine has been uncovered follow=ing the terrible sandstorm from yesterday. The local townsfolk have taken u=p task of setting up a perimeter. For these buried places often hide things= of unspeakable horror and strange creatures have been seen coming out of t=he mine=E2=80=99s depths.

The heroes, tasked= with a reconnaissance mission have now reached the entrance, but before th=ey can enter, they=E2=80=99ll have to slay the ancient beings that come out= without end.

Can they make their way throug=h all of them?

Patrons will get higher resol=ution maps, gridless versions, alternate color palettes and variations with= different amount of props. Check out=C2=A0the image below to see what’s in=cluded in each tier!

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