WIP April Teaser! Ushar, Boondaburra Pirate

We’ve been trying to plan out how to do this re=lease for over a year! Erin originally had the idea for Boondaburra Pirates= a long time ago, but couldn’t work out how to get a ship made while he scu=lpted the characters. With the help of Heriberto Valle of Capsule Chibi, and a brilliant ship design from =our concept designer Paul, we’re going to be visiting the high seas in Apri=l!! The designs have been really fun, and I think this is going to be an in=credible release.=C2=A0

Ushar – Boon=daburra Pirate

When she left home t=o search for adventure, Ushar fell in with the wrong crowd and ended up wor=king on the decks of The Budgerigar. A pirate ship of ill-repute, Ushar has= had some difficulty fitting in; she=E2=80=99s naturally honest and earnest=, and isn=E2=80=99t much use in battles. As a result, she was paired up wit=h Niba, a surly octopus who does her fighting (and most of her drinking) fo=r her.

Niba – Octopus Pirate

Niba was originally a prisoner of another =pirate ship, having been pulled onboard inside a net full of fish. Kept asi=de for food, the crew sorely underestimated her. The Budgerigar met this sh=ip on the open waters and engaged her crew in battle, but found Niba had al=ready killed the captain and taken his hat and sword for her own. Now the v=eteran of a hundred sea battles, Niba is considered an experienced and valu=able part of the crew.

Check it out!