Ruins of Brollmoreth

The crumbling spire of an old tower marks the r=uins where Brollmoreth, Demon of Shallow Graves and Patron of Silent Childr=en was once worshipped. It is said that the demon physically tore itself ou=t of the stone here after a drop of Demogorgon=E2=80=99s ichorous blood was= flung to the ground in an ancient battle.

I=n modern times, the worship of demons as gods is no longer an =E2=80=9Cacce=pted practice=E2=80=9D and this temple to Brollmoreth was abandoned along w=ith its worship. Remnants of the old temple walls remain leading to the sta=irs into the underground cavity whence it was =E2=80=9Cborn=E2=80=9D. While= the cavity and the temple walls still have damaged and ancient iconography= of Brollmoreth and Demogorgon, the tower is completely unadorned.

Occasionally rich and desperate parents will organiz=e expeditions to this ancient site to plead with Brollmoreth to return the =gift of voice to children struck mute (and at least one story is told of an= Emperor who demanded that his priests summon Brollmoreth in order to end t=he incessant questions and chatter of his first-born son=E2=80=A6)

The site is far from any current signs of civilizati=on, a few days travel east of the Citadel of Sabre Lake. As such, it is oft=en inhabited by foul creatures and even minor demons attracted to the still=-present scent of the blood of Demogorgon in the stone.

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