FA Dungeondraft Integration 3.0 (Upd=ated March 13th 2022)

ello everyone!=C2=A0

This= integration is made for and requires Dungeondraft =E2=80=93 Standalone map=making software.

Our integrati=on aims to completely replace the default Artstyle of Dungeondraft with our= own. These files are prepackaged to be used only for Dungeondraft software=, you can load them in and they are ready to go! =C2=A0

All these packs are Patreon Only ( any Tier ). You can download the =”Starter Pack” for Free that contains a little bit of everything. So Non-Pa=treons can test it out first if they would like 🙂

This post wil=l serve as a repository of our Dungeondraft Integration 3.0 Packs, and will= be periodically updated with new content as we release it, you’ll get a no=tification email when this post gets updated!

There is also a CHANGE=LOG at the bottom of this post listing updates and changes!
You can= find the changes between 2.0 and 3.0 here.=C2=A0

We have a “#Dungeondraft” channel on Discord, if you =find any bugs/have issues with the packs or have some suggestions for chang=es, please let us know!

Make =sure you download and activate all packs below to get all content!=

Check it out!