FeyWild=E2=80=99s Enchanted Woods

Each month, we=E2=80=99ll revisit a (Pa=tron-voted) old series of choice to make a brand new sequel for it. This mo=nth it=E2=80=99s time to explore unrestrained emotions within FeyWild=E2=80==99s Enchanted Woods!

Here=E2=80=99=s the third part.

It was a silent night=, not unlike any other. Your kids in bed, wife passed out on the other end =of the bed, and the scurrying rats inside your walls making their otherwise= hidden appearance widely known. Suddenly you wake up in cold sweat and wit=h a heavy pain in your ribcage=E2=80=94you immediately press your clamped h=ands against your chest and grasp for air. Sweat drips down your cheeks as =you look around bewildered and attempt to calm yourself down. You look to y=our left and notice your wife in deep sleep; your antics did not wake her u=p.

A bright blue bulb appears out of nowhe=re and the sight of it seems to calm you down somehow. The light flies out =through the open window. =E2=80=9CStrange=E2=80=A6=E2=80=9D you mumble to y=ourself. You quickly get out of bed, put on shoes and a coat, grab yourself= a lantern, and make way to follow that blue light. It has somehow piqued y=our interest. You follow it through patches of grass and are ultimately led= to this dense forest before losing track of it.

Trees larger than any you=E2=80=99ve ever seen are firmly submerged =in the forest=E2=80=99s mud. The roots are wildly entangled as they crawl u=p the many trees, forming natural pathways and bridges.

This is a place so close to home, yet unknown to you. Each br=anch is lavishly dressed with layers of thick moss and unusually large mush=rooms. There=E2=80=99s something spiritual about this place=E2=80=A6 and so= very calming.

~ We=E2=80=99r=e hoping you enjoy these maps as much as we like making them. Stay tuned fo=r part five later this month!

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