Only 3 Days Left to get Lobotomy!

Hello everyone!

=We are heading towards the end of the Lobotomy campaign and we invite you t=o check the game after unlocking many stretch goals. Be sure to consider ge=tting it now to receive a free Criminally Insane Character Pack!

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Criminally Insane Character P=ack

This item with 6 playable chara=cters is added for free to every pledge as a thank you for= participating in the campaign!

Lobotomy Solo Mode

Lobotomy is a fully cooperative game that =you can play with friends as well as solo. Try your strategy skills versus =the game and the horde of monsters by finding the right combination of char=acters, equipment, and combos to deal even with the hardest bosses!

Up for a challenge?


Tons of Horror M=iniatures

If you are looking for ju=st the miniatures, we have brought a ton of climactic monsters from Lobotom=y 1 that are ready to paint. Across multiple packs, you can find the collec=tion that suits you most.

Be sure to check out the campaign<=/a> and get Lobotomy at the exclusive crowdfunding price!

Cheers, TF Team

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