The Forbidden Gates

Hey everyone!

We=lcome to The Forbidden Gates. This map was originally designed to accompany= the Mountai=ntop Observatory, we thought this could be at the foot of those mountai=ns, warding people off from the holy mountains above. Hats off to Jesse for= brainstorming this cool design inspired by several villages in the Himalay=as.=C2=A0

The idea for the gate came from pr=ayer wheels. We had this cool concept that as they spun they would pull the= gate open, so there was this relationship between the physical passage thr=ough the gate and the numinosity of spiritual passage. Perhaps you could us=e this by having the gates immovable unless you have the correct cleric/mon=k at hand!=C2=A0

We imagined that the villag=e would be mostly monks and mountaineering guides, like Sherpas, living off= the mountain between the harsh winters.

Hop=e this inspires something for your games, enjoy!