Who is Worthy of Succeeding in the Elemental Trials


Traveler!The Elemental Dwarves roamed these lan=ds many thousands of years ago. But their complex culture left something be=hind. It is called the Temple of the Four Elements. There is not much infor=mation about it but the little documentation about this ancient place menti=ons great dangers but also a hero’s reward.

=The Temple of the Four Elements is a dungeon full of monsters and deadly fi=ghts. If the characters complete the trials of the elements, they may recei=ve a blessing. This gift shall aid them in their future quests. However, th=ose who fail to complete the trials are cursed for eternity. Will the heroe=s have what it takes?

This is a level 9 adve=nture with a bit of exploration, investigation of an ancient structure, and= the chance to have a legendary blessing bestowed! Here’s a low-def preview= of this illustration:

Here’s a close-up =of the fire chamber where the characters must defeat a team of elementals t=o proceed to the next chamber.

In the wat=er chamber, the characters are dropped into the depths of a large pool wher=e elemental water creatures attack them. Should they surface soon enough, t=hey may still prevail!

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