5 Years of Maps Celebration: Map Contest!

Last week we began the =first portion of our 5-year anniversary on patreon with our “open the vault=” event (where you can still go download our entire first year= of content for free for the rest of March). And over the weekend we made t=he exciting final push to seeing the entirety of our asset library converte=d to Dungeondraft.=C2=A0

To=day we’re excited to announce the 2nd event of our 5-year celebration: a Map Contest! Through the rest of the month participants are =invited to submit a map they’ve made to be judged for the contest. Submissi=ons will be accepted up until March 31st and there will be= TWO winners that will receive a free, full-scope asset pa=ck commission from yours truly to create for them a specific pack catered t=o their map making needs.=C2=A0

Please see full rules in the= images above or in text below:

  • Maps can be emailed d=irectly as attachments to info@venatusmaps.com
  • Al=ternatively, any maps posted that tag us (@venatusmaps) on= Twitter, Instagram, or Reddit will be considered submitted as well
  • Submitted maps will be freely redistributed to public communities at the =end of the contest

  • Maps need to have been made using primarily Ven=atus Maps asset packs and can be built in any software of your choosing
  • We are limiting submissions to 1 map per participant=C2=A0
  • There will be two winners: one chosen by m=yself and another chosen as the result of public polling once all submitted= maps have been collected.
  • Winners will receive a free ful=l-scope asset pack commission from me to curate an asset pack them=e suited to their own map needs.
  • Asset packs will be delivered wit=hin 1-2 months of winning and for personal use only. Packs will arrive as t=heir raw file(s) and in Dungeondraft converted counterparts.
  • Map submissions for the contest will close on March 31st, 2022.==C2=A0

Any questions! Feel free to DM =me, email, or comment below! Can’t wait to see what you all put together!

Check it out!