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Crippled God Foundry is offeri=ng highly detailed fantasy themed miniatures, accessories & ter=rain pieces, as 3D printable files, for your favo=rite RPG, tabletop games and wargames!
Our patrons receive each month a =thematic collection of highly detailed miniatures and terrain pieces, acces=s to polls and a huge discount to our <=u>MyMiniFactoryshop!
All our miniature and terrain piec=es come with a Pre Supported Option!



By subs=cribing, every patron gets:
1. The Monthly Patreon Release! ==C2=A0
The March Release is called: =E2=80=9CEra of Forbidden Magic=E2==80=9D

Link of the release:

This release features:

– Powerful Spellcasters, like the Cryomancer, Fire Sorceress, Summoner =& Storm Mage!
– Fearsome enemies like the Keeper of Knowledge, the W=eave Dragon & Weave Monstrosities!

– 4 Familiar Companions!
– 17 Spell Effect pro=ps!
– Fire Sorceress Bust!

– Arcane A=uditorium: Pillars, stairs, statues and more modular terrain pieces to buil=d a unique scenery!
Round Thematic Bases for all the miniature=swith scenery and other details!
Paper Miniatures: a printable .pdf file with the concept art of this release=E2=80=99s= miniatures to print and use in your games!
Stats & Lore M=odule: A .pdf module with D&D 5e stat blocks of all the miniat=ures!
Battlemaps, with grid and gridless version!


2. The Welcome and Hero Pack Miniatures=:

You will get 17 iconic Hero and Monster miniatures plus more than =50 thematic miniature bases of various sizes, all pre supported!
3. Special 40% Discount Code on digital files a=t our MyMiniFactory page !=
4. You will gain access to our Patron-only Discord server, and ourFacebook group!

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Thank you for this opportunity!
Happy Printing!
=Crippled God Foundry Team

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