First look at April.

In April we will venture in to the dwarven king=dom of Mal-Karagth spans across the whole Morvinian Mountains and further e=ast on the barren hillside that gently leads toward the ocean. Its magnific=ent capital, the Great Tokha, was carved below and inside the range=E2=80==99s tallest peak of the same name. The dwarves used the stone rubble lefto=vers from hollowing the mountain and carving underground complexes to raise= a no less breathtaking web of defensive structures on the ground. This uni=fied and well-planned defense system has proved many times that conquering =the Mal-Karagth dwarves borders impossibility.

Even unparalleled structures and fortifications tend to be nothing witho=ut the people crewing them. The kingdom=E2=80=99s special force, the Hammer=s of Mal-Karagth, stands between its lands and enemies. Equipped with the b=est weapons and armor the Tokhan blacksmiths can create, the Hammers invoke= the ancient powers dwelling in runes. While seasoned and veteran soldiers =constitute the bulk of the army, powerful runecarvers control golems and un=leash elemental forces that slumber beneath the earth.

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