New Token Set: Spaceships 01 =

Hi everyone,=C2=A0

Here’s the spaceship token set I’ve been working on. This is also my fir=st set of spaceships and I believe there will be more soon. These are inspi=red by science fiction books, movies, and games like The Expanse, Alien: Pr=ometheus, Aliens, and Halo. The next set will be probably more space opera =or space fantasy flavored. Wishes and suggestions are always welcome, thank= you!

These tokens – like all my new assets =and tokens – come in PNG and WEBP formats and in 140px and 280px per square= sizes.=C2=A0

Thank you for your support!=C2==A0

– Miska

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Download the token set here=C2=A0

Check it out!