Castle Wyrthstolt 3 and

Hi everybody,

Castle Wyrthstolt is finished! You can witness it in all its= ruined glory and modular variety.

T=his set is huge: there are 126 Building pieces (117 are OpenLOCK tiles) and= 28 STL Objects & Props files. The renders show just a few combinations=, but the possibilities are really countless. Moreover, thanks to =the OpenLOCK system they can be combined with any previous release!

Because of the requests of some of you and as you c=an see, this release was focused on tiles and =C2=A0is composed of the foll=owing parts:

– OpenLOCK Castle set: Square t=iles with battlements and 4inches wide parts.

– Ruined versions of both.

– Scatter ruins.

– Throne Room Objects a=nd Props.

All the models are uploade=d with the lists and instructions, and =C2=A0presupported when needed. I reorganized the previous division of the packs, so I suggest re-down=loading them!

I tried to stay Gothic while a=t the same time making these tiles useful for any table and any campaigns. =I know I am going to do a lot of printing in the coming weeks to get a good= starting point for future Gothic sessions. What do you think?

Now its time to finish up the monsters and the PDF, whi=ch are coming soon.=C2=A0

In the meanwhile, =you voted for April’s theme: the Laboratory will come to life. Soon it will be time to fill its cages and its unnecessarily complicat=ed machinery with weird monsters: do you have any idea for them?

Finally, tomorrow I will post the poll for May=, so stay tuned!

It is everything f=or now, I wish the hobby will bring you some light in this dark times.

Check it out!