Hello everyone!

=Thank you for the amazing support the Lobotomy 1 backers have brought to th=e new project. We promise that Lobotomy 2: Manhunt will be an amazing game =that you will have a lot of fun with.

Right =after the previous update, Gamefound has had some issues with admitting new= backers and many have encountered a blank check-out page. We are happy to =inform you that the issue was resolved. If you have missed out on backing b=ecause of that, this is the last 24 hours to sign up for Lobotomy and enjoy= the exclusive benefits at a great price.

<=strong>Pledge now!


We have just passed 300=,000 funding, unlocked another stretch goal, and are heading towards a grea=t last 24 hours of the campaign.

We also hav=e some great news for those considering joining us later as late backers. T=he funding from the Pledge Manager will count towards unlocking additional =stretch goals after the campaign ends. Be sure to pledge 1$ or follow the c=ampaign in order to get updated when the Pledge Manager is live!


Villain Ward and many more exciting add-ons are waiting for you i=n the campaign. One of our goals was to offer many alternative characters a=s in our eyes they bring the most new ways to experience the game. The new =Lobotomy also features a lot of ways to modify the gameplay in terms of dif=ficulty, including a Hell Level expansion that will bring an ultimate chall=enge even for dungeon-crawling veterans.


Don’t forget =to follow the campaign in order to get updates as we =will be reporting the progress of realization as often as we can and let yo=u in on our final decisions regarding manufacturing and including convenien=t solutions that many have requested.

Cheers=, TF Team

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