Temple Approach (30×36)

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Hey everyone! Let me present to you t=he Temple Approach, the second map for the Churches & =Temples theme.

Deep in the mountains of the =Ballaeran Range is the is a temple dedicated to strange gods. The road to t=he temple is rough and long. Just before reaching the temple a great struct=ure comes into sight. Several decorated terraces and stairs lead up the a g=rand building that sits at the top of it all. Even in this deserted land of= rocky hills and cliffs these ancient people managed to built a monument as= impressive as this and it is evidence of the craftsmanship of these old pe=ople.

But the temple is not unguarded. Beaco=ns light the approach to the divine house and are kept lit by the Guardians= of the Temple: watchful creatures who are never seen, but always there. In= the shadows they watch, sensing the intentions of any who come near. These= guardians will protect the place against anyone and at all cost.

Released under CC BY-NC 4.0<=/u> license.

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