WIP April Teaser! Ragas, Boondaburra Pirate Bard

Another crew member from The Budgerigar, we hav=e concertina-playing Ragas! Paul’s sketch hit the nail on the head for this= theme, so Erin didn’t end up straying far from the original design. We hav=e so many great pirate ideas that Erin is considering doing 2 months of pir=ates…

Ragas – Boondaburra= Pirate

Ragas is a salty old pirate, who los=t his leg long ago in a raid. It hasn=E2=80=99t stopped him from swashbuckl=ing with the best of the crew, though. His real passion, besides raiding, i=s playing the concertina. He=E2=80=99s become quite proficient at it, and h=is music keeps the crew of The Budgerigar uplifted even through the toughes=t of times.

Check it out!