Arcology Void

Dimensions – [18 x 14] grid sq=uares @ 140 pixels per square

So many of you= have been asking for a cyberpunk arcology battle map for quite some time n=ow. I had to hold off on this one before because an environment like this n=aturally lends itself to map extensions, exploring the different areas of t=his self-sustaining ecosystem. After a few month of deliberating and resear=ch, I decided finally to go for it.

The look= and feel of this arcology was heavily inspired by the 2012 film ==E2=80=9CDredd=E2=80=9D. =E2=80=9CPeach Tree=E2=80=9D was what the=y called the building. The film is amazing and I urge those of you who have=n=E2=80=99t yet watched it to go do so. The movie covered so many potential= areas for expansion that I now have a bucket just overflowing with ideas.<=/p>

Check it out!