Assamvar Ruins – The Broken Guard

Along the shores of the Ironflow are a number o=f dwarven ruins =E2=80=93 outposts and other structures built by the dwarve=s of Kuln. Some of these have been absorbed by the Black Mire, but most sit= quiet and abandoned since the fall of the dwarven citadel =E2=80=93 slowly= falling to the elements and the strange creatures that escape from the Mir=e.

The Assamvar Ruins were once known as the= Assamvar Guard =E2=80=93 a watchtower built on a rocky island on the Ironf=low. Now most commonly known as the Broken Guard, the tower stands 35 feet =above the island and can still provide an eagle eye=E2=80=99s view of the r=iver and the shores for a few miles. Outbuildings on the shore and a mighty= stone bridge from shore to island are all in rougher shape than the tower,= slowly being reclaimed by time and the elements and swamp folk. A tribe of= swamp troglodytes have settled in the area and make use of the ruins and t=he two lower levels of the Broken Guard, but knowing well to avoid the top =floor.

=E2=80=9CLiving=E2=80=9D at the top o=f the Broken Guard is a tortle mummy of great age. She has forgotten how lo=ng she=E2=80=99s been up here, sitting on the massive stone chair on the to=p level of the guard contemplating the shores below and seeking the perfect= place to lay her eggs =E2=80=93 far too late of course as she died long ag=o at the ripe old age of 44 and will never have the opportunity to clutch a= new generation of tortles. She worries about the number of troglodytes she==E2=80=99s been seeing in the area =E2=80=9Crecently=E2=80=9D (the last 60 =or so years) and their potential impact on her nesting plans.

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