Cross-Promo with BiteTheBullet!

Our next Cross-Promo is with Bite the Bullet!

Elisa and Daniel generously shared Sam, t=he Dojo Master Panda with all our patrons for March, along with th=eir Wisp Fountain, to use as a complementary scatter! They=E2=80=99ve also given us an exclusive 30% Off Discount for their MMF Store, so you can grab their back catalog for a d=iscount. A reminder to our Merchant Tier that Cross-Promo models are not el=igible for selling with the CobraMode Merchant license 🙂 Please support th=em directly if you=E2=80=99d like to sell their models!

To download the Cross-promo and get the Discount Code, go to th=e Patron Download Lin=k and look for the folder called =E2=80=9CCross-Promo BiteT=heBullet=E2=80=9D.

This month they =are doing their third =E2=80=9Ccreator=E2=80=99s choice=E2==80=9D month where they include a very varied set with different races, cal=led Bullet Town. This month is Japanese-inspired, which I =know many of our patrons will be very interested in!

Their release is currently being worked on but here you can see wh=at they have so far:

Here=E2=80=99s a little write up about them:

Elisa=C2=A0(3D Artist) and=C2=A0<=strong>Daniel=C2=A0(Printing and Community) are=C2=A0two artists f=rom Spain that enjoy creating 3D printable minis to customize your RPG, Boa=rd & Tabletop games.
Together they are=C2=A0Bite the Bullet<=/strong>.

After spending some years=C2=A0wor=king in the video games and minis industry, Elisa and Daniel joined forces =in order to=C2=A0start their own Patreon journey together!

Now they took this=C2=A0opportunity=C2=A0to sculpt miniature=s=C2=A0directly for their supporters=C2=A0and=C2=A0they’re really excited a=bout the idea of=C2=A0creating their own series of miniatures and building =a community.

Every month they release a set of miniatures including at least:

– 6+ unique Modular Characters
– 1 Exotic/Pinup (with normal and NSFW versions
– 1 Bust (normal and anatomical)
– 1 Throwback m=ini (from a previous release)
– 1+ extra Cross=over minis
– Decorative Scenery
– 1 new
step-by-step Painting Guide every month
-= Access to their Seasonal Painting Contest

Just by joining you=E2=80=99ll also get their Start=er Pack, similar to our Welcome Pack, their Legacy= Pack (including their 2 first monthly releases) and their= full collection of Painting Guides!

They started <=a href=3D"" r=el=3D"nofollow noopener" target=3D"_blank">Tribes last month and are giving for Free their first =Painting Guide (and the character that was used in the guide), download it now!

They ha=ve a Seasonal System (Loyalty) where they release an Exclusive Figure every season that=E2=80=99s free for those who supported th=em during all 3 months.

BTB have curre=ntly over 1100 Patrons and are still growing! Check out Bite the Bullet<=/strong> and if you like what you see … consider= supporting them as well. You can also see all their model=s at their BTB Instagram=, or take a look at their <=u>MyMiniFactory Store

Check it out!