New Dominion Cadet

In working on the enemies for this WIP board ga=me, I new I wanted a New Dominion infantry type lower on the ladder than th=e impact-armored trooper (a goblin opposed to an orc, for example), and so =the “Cadets” were born. Ain’t he just precious in his short pants? This is =the first design, but I’ll have a whole set soon. We’ll release them piecem=eal as they come, and you can get this first on in the Miniatures and T=errain rewards folder now (patrons at $5+). This and the others will r=equire supports when printing.

(For those wh=o signed on this month, you=E2=80=99ll get access to the reward folders whe=n we send the next links, about a week or so into April.)

– Dutchmogul

Check it out!