Welcome to Respite Cove. A fair town ripe for adventures! – Lev=el 2

Traveler! The small and colorful village of Res=pite Cove is close to the capital. It is the last quiet stop of all travele=rs who seek the noise of the crowded city. However, Repite Cove has a lot o=f history, places to visit, and people to meet. Most travelers stay for a d=ay or two. This is because the locals have a way to find trouble all the ti=me. Most offer good money to adventurers passing by.

The people at Respite Cove may seem simple peasants. But the capit=al has eyes here. A man named Old Nellie is a retired, anointed knight. The= woman at Sasha’s Wares is a member of the clergy in disguise. Whatever tra=velers do here, it is known and witnessed by important people. Adventurers =can reach the capital with a good reputation or like wanted criminals… Do= not underestimate the small size of Respite Cove.

This is a level 2 adventure with a bit of exploration, roleplaying o=pportunities in a small farming settlement, and the opportunity to impress =the locals and earn some money! Here’s a low-def preview of this illustrati=on:

Here’s a close-up of Respite Cove’s i=nn. It is by far the largest edifice in town. The town’s proximity to the c=apital is why so many travelers pass by Respite Cove.

The people in Respite Cove lead honest, hard-working lives. =Most folks work in the fields, or are river merchants or fishermen. Either =way, they know that the prosperity of their small community depends on thei=r work and achievements.

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