Back catalogue products with commer=cial licence

Hi all! =C2=A0for those of you who are on our m=erchant tiers, you’ll obviously be aware that you get a lifetime licence fo=r the monthly content, but there are also back catalogue items which are no=t yet available. =C2=A0We’ve been creating a merchant library over on Mini =Hoarder to enable you to purchase items which include the same licence term=s as the patreon releases. =C2=A0We’re still adding to this and getting the= back catalogue re-rendered, supported and uploaded so if there are any par=ticular products that you want please let me know.

Eventually I’ll go through the months that you’ve individually pledg=ed for and add those products to your library too so please do NOT purchase= anything that you have already purchased!! =C2=A0

A final note is that the monthly discount codes post include mini ho=arder discounts which can be used on the commercial products too so as a Pa=tron you’ll be able to get your merchant licence products at a reduced pric=e =C2=A0so grab the code before you go and see whats available. =C2=A0

Check it out!