Basilica of Solisa -= Paladin Temple – Building Map


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In the foothills of the Ashen Mountains, =some three days travel from the Great South Road, there li=es a great edifice.

At first glance one might mista=ke it for the castle of some powerful noble or lord, but h=idden within its lofty walls is one of the most sacred places in all the kingdom, the Basilica of Solisa, headquarte=rs of the Paladins of the Light Eternal.

=C2=A0- Extract from =E2=80=9CThe Knights of th=e Light=E2=80=9D by Hart Nuros

Hi folks!

Happy =Friday and all that!

Today I have f=or you, our third major release for this month=E2=80=99s theme, Kni=ghtly Orders; The Basilica of Solisa, the fortifi=ed paladin temple.