Chuhaister: Ukrainian Relief Miniature

This is a =E2=80=9CChuhaister,=E2=80=9D a good =natured forest giant from the Carpathians of Ukraine. I=E2=80=99m giving 10=0% of every purchase to Direct Relief, and I urge you to donate to help the= Ukrainian people however you can if you=E2=80=99re able.

(Couple of asides: This one was new to me, and it made me re=alize that I need to dig deeper into Slavic folklore. Also, the pinecones i=n his beard/hair were scanned from real ones.)

We=E2=80=99ll be back with more New =Dominion stuff soon, and news on the Quadrivium range (including that aethe=r ship we teased a while back), but in the meantime have a great weekend!

– Dutchmogul

Check it out!