Dilapidated Buil=ding (18×18) Public


The p=arty has gotten wind of strange happenings in a run-down building close to =the edge of the city. This derelict building has seen better days, yet it n=ow seems to have some new inhabitants.

While= it could be just some homeless people trying to have a roof above their he=ads, some townsfolk have reason to believe that whoever is now living there= aren=E2=80=99t particularly good folk.

Now =the adventurers will try to find the truth about what is going on inside, b=ut will they be able to tell the tale?

Patro=ns will get higher resolution maps, gridless versions, alternate color pale=ttes and variations with different amount of props. Check out=C2=A0the imag=e below to see what’s included in each tier!

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