Dripping Caves Map Pack

Ogre & Goblin Lair | Dripping Caves= (SKT) – [65 x 40]

I’ve had several= people ask about maps from Storm King’s Thunder, so this is my fi=rst interpretation of those maps with Dripping Caves, a goblin and= ogre lair.

The original encounter is sized =for 65 x 40, but I would likely play this at 130 x 80, just to give myself =a bit more room and potentially modify things accordingly. Most of it is de=signed for the traditional setting, but I’ve added a few extra stalagmites/=rocks about the area, some general clutter where it made sense (crates, bar=rels, crude furniture) and expanded a few of the tunnels slightly.

As far as lighting, the encounter is intended to be =dark (which always presents problems from a lighting perspective), but I wa=nted the map to still have a look of being in a cave and having a dark/gloo=my/underground feel, so the exterior walls and such are dark, but there is =a consistent light level across the interior chambers to be able to easily =see if/when playing in a VTT environment or if printed.

I hope you like it, and if there are any specific Storm King’s =Thunder maps you would like to see, let me know!

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