Thestwick 01 – Reclamation

Welcome all to Thestwick-on-Alderham, the haunted fen city! Dee=p in the Alderham Fen, a small community toils away in the shadow of a long=-forgotten keep. Now, the greedy lord of their duchy has come to reclaim th=e fen. Slowly but surely, he and his team of lackeys are draining the hosti=le environment of its waters. He wants your party of adventures to help ens=ure his plan goes off without a hitch.

Borough Guide

Our first PDF introduces you to the Alderham Fen, its d=uke and duchess, and their plan to transform this biome into endless farmla=nd. There’s just one thing: the fen is haunted. As such, the first thing th=ey’ll need is for you all to defeat the “wicked” bog witch of the fen. Of c=ourse, you and Anise Bloodbirch might have more in common than the duke sus=pects…


Thestwick is a bit of =a departure for Borough Bound. In lieu of grand and crowded city streets, t=his is a backwater village that’s just barely held together. It’s also got =a decidedly unsettling vibe. There are dangers in these waters, and they ma=y arise as the fen drains. This first map encompasses the northwestern corn=er of the city, and the obvious point of interest is the massive waterpump.= This colossal windmill is the key to the duke’s reclamation.=C2=A0

<=p style=3D"margin:10px 0;">Of course, we couldn’t release a giant windmill =without providing the interior. Dig into this multi-leveled windmill map fo=r exciting vertically oriented combat challenges. We’ve also got <=em>two day-and-night variants for you: a misty vision of the village, =and a pleasant variant for once you solve all the problems (or presumably: =for before you party screws everything up).


Our first track is “The Alderham Fen,” a slow-moving ambient =piece that points to the vastness of the unending marsh. Expansive strings =call to mind plodding journeys, and the meandering winds give just a touch =of melody to this melancholy exploration. The “Witch’s Hut” rendition gives= you bubbling cauldrons, squonking snail noises, and mysterious percussion.= Honestly: it’s a vibe.

Giant Snail Map | Collaborati=on with Stained Karbon Maps

For the first t=ime, we’ve collaborated with our good friend Krane of Stained Karbon Maps! =He’s provided this lovely map of bog witch Anise Bloodbirch’s home, a glori=ous witch’s hut atop a giant (and we mean giant) snail. Whether yo=ur players decide to spare Anise or kill her, you’re going to want this bea=utifully colorful map, in stark contrast to the spooky tones of the village= itself.=C2=A0

Stained Karbon Maps has s=o many variants of this map if you want a little more variety in your =giant snails, so please do check out his Patreon for so many more colorful =battle maps.

Bog Hag | Collaboration with The Fluffy Folio

We’ve yet again teamed up with our pal Fluffy of =The Fluffy Folio to bring you creepy/cute monster art and fun statblocks. F=luffy will be tackling all of the “villains” of Thestwick, and first up on =that list is bog hag Anise Bloodbirch herself! Fluffy makes incredible desi=gns that are unlike anything else in this space, and the clever mechanics a=re a great way to make these creatures feel distinct from the same= old Monster Manual statblocks you’ve used 1,000 times.=C2=A0

As always, please check out The Fluffy Folio on= Patreon.=C2=A0

Lotthingham Lice and Gumperham | Collaboration wi=th Questiary

On the theme of monster statbl=ocks and incredible art, we bring you another collaboration with our good f=riends over at Questiary! This week, they’ve provided statblocks for the ir=ksome Lotthingham lice and for the giant snail Gumperham himself.=C2=A0

Check it out!