What secrets await in thechambers of the Temple of the Ancients=


Traveler! An arcane cabal of druids known as th=e Circle of the Ancients has been charged throughout millennia to guard the= Material Plane against otherworldly entities. These aberrant beings last a=ttempted to invade our world a thousand years ago. Back then, the last six =members of the Circle of the Ancients sacrificed their lives to enact a dru=idic ritual. The result of this magical ceremony drove off the horrors from= beyond the veil.

This day, no member of the= druidic circle is in active service. They come together in times of need. =Unknown to most, the protection between worlds has eroded to the point that= aberrant scions loom closer to the decrepit gates of yore. Soon, they will= be able to step across the fabric of realities and into our world. Unless =a group of druids reform the Circle of the Ancients and replicate the forgo=tten ritual to drive them away once more.

Th=is is a level 4 adventure with a bit of exploration, dungeon-crawling for f=ights and treasure, and the opportunity to save the world from an otherworl=dly menace! Here’s a low-def preview of this illustration:

Here’s a close-up of the ritual room’s antechamber. The= bodyguards of the six druids were interred here. Now, their decrepit remai=ns have been tainted by a foul influence from beyond our world. They rise t=o battle with trespassers and would-be tomb robbers.

The great altar to the ancients is a complex incantation circle= that bears the marks of the great druids of the past. In it lie the bases =to numerous protection rituals that guard our world from perils no mortal s=hould ever face!

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