What we are doing + 2 new albums + conten=t organization ++++

Hello Patrons!

1==2E First, let me thank anyone who par=ticipated on our post “Ambiences ideas ? Share =them here!“. I took very good notes of your ideas.

2. Filip went berserk and composed an entire album (1 hour) of m=usic in a single month, in a whole new genre! It’s called “Endora Unleashed=”. You can have a small taste of it in this post. Naturally, “Chosen” patro=ns will have it for free, as well as a second album of his, called “Tales o=f Ravenia”, which is absolutely awesome as well. Anyone pledging on the “Ch=osen” tier before the 26th of March will get download codes for both in pri=vate message.=C2=A0

3. We have a 2=4/7 live radio!! We are featuring friends composers and we only share m=usic that would fit for a TTRPG/Exploration mood. We are planning to create= a second livestream for TTRPG/Combat mood, but we are still working on the= playlist. In both cases, we only use music from our own libraries or made =by friends (no skyrim/conan/etc. music)

4. A=s you probably saw, we didn’t share much YET. Filip has been working like c=razy on the album and I’ve been working on collabs, admin (ewww), radio and= the super-big upcoming project so far. However, as usual, don’t worry. All= content will be shared on time.

5. I’ve bee=n thinking about reorganizing all of the older content in bigger packs to s=implify the downloads for newer patrons. Prior to the new folder structure,= tracks were just shared as attachments in posts. I’m thinking about reorga=nizing content in 6-months packs every six months, and also converting olde=r files in .ogg 48khz (instead of 44.1khz mp3 as it used to be). This requi=res a massive amount of work, so any suggestion is welcome.

Hosting the content on other platforms (google drive, etc.)= is out of the question though, to avoid any leaking.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Michael =and team

Check it out!