Corridor of Doors

The forest is alive with laughter and echo =of footsteps. Its trees stretch tall towards the sky, each grander than the= next. Fireflies make lazy rounds between the leaves, unbothered by their o=ccasional rustling or the birds observing them hungrily. A set of fine door=s stands proud at the base of all the trees, but they don’t seem to be lead=ing inside of them. If the floating windows, illuminated by magical glow, a=re anything to go by, you might have found yourself at the very threshold o=f Feywild…=C2=A0

Which way you ma=y go? Which doors are you planning to open?


Adept Journalist Download: – 1

Apprentice Storyteller Download: – 1

Globetrotter Cartographer and Experienced Traveller Download: – 1PDF

Experienced Traveller Foun=dryVTT Download: – 1

If you= are on Experienced Traveller tier, the regular map pack a=nd PDF pack will be available for you through Globetrotter Cartographer Mas=ter Post (as seen above).

Thank you for your= support! I believe these maps will enrich your journey and create some unf=orgettable adventures! =C2=A0Any feedback is extremely welcomed.

If you would like to see specific variations in future= or have any ideas in how I can make this experience even better for you, p=lease let me know.

Here is the previ=ew of the tier rewards for this map:

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