FREE DOWNLOAD: "Strangers by the road" encounters!

Strangers by the road are quick & =easy NPC encounters to surprise D&D players with while their adventurer=s are travelling from one place to the next. These easy printouts include a= game statistics for the NPC, and a quick encounter description with a uniq=ue quandary for the players to engage with.


– Niels & Rose

Each month we run a Mini Request Pack, where we as=k patrons to submit 4-word suggestions that we use as inspiration to create= something for a free download! The theme for this month was strangers by the road<=/a>, and the following suggestions got the most likes from the community:

=E2=9D=A4=EF=B8=8F 19 – “DAS=HING DRAGONBORN HIGHWAY BANDIT” from Chris Mangum
=E2==9D=A4=EF=B8=8F 17
– “BOLD RUNAWAY BOGGARD BRIDE” from Nikita =Meinsma

Check it out!