One-Page-Dungeon – The Golem Factory – System Neutral

Traveler! Here’s an awesome one-page dungeon. I=t’s a self-contained adventure where everything you need fits a single page==2E I make them system neutral so they=20=can be easily ported to any system. It= shouldn’t be much trouble to include it in any medieval setting.

Binding rituals are an evil form of magic that traps =a soul inside a body or object. The soul is used as a magical battery; a fo=rm of energy that slowly but surely is consumed. Subjects of this incantati=on are stripped from their power. They are nothing but a medium of energy. =Some binding masters use elemental entities in this way and bind them to co=nstructs. The worst of them bind people=E2=80=99s souls to magical construc=ts.

An evil mage who goes by the name of Lor=d Artghast has perfected the art of stripping a living person of their soul= and embedding it into the inanimate body of a carefully prepared golem. Lo=rd Artghast has built a factory of sorts under his manor for this purpose. =So far, over a dozen poor townsfolk have gone missing. The wicked mage lure=s them into his lair with charms and deceits. Then he traps them in the dep=ths of his golem factory for future use in his sinister arcane activities. =The locals offer a hefty reward to adventurers to retrieve their captured l=oved ones. There must be a way to save them all from the evil mage.

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