Coming Soon: Con=tent Package 14

Hey everyone,

I =hope you’ve been enjoying all of the material from the content packages so =far! I thought I’d take a minute to talk about what we have in the works fo=r this month’s package.

As I mentioned in th=e previous update, t=his month’s package will be a bit smaller than usual as the ongoing Old-Sc=hool Essentials box sets Kickstarter is consuming some of my time. Here=’s what’s manifesting in the realm of Dolmenwood, though.

Content Pa=ckage 14: Coming Soon

Package #14 will incl=ude material from the Dolmenwood Campaign Book and the Dolmenw=ood Monster Book. Tentatively, it’s looking like the following will be= included:

  • More hex write-ups: 12 or so hex wr=ite-ups=E2=80=94some entirely new, some revised and expanded older hexes. T=he hexes this month are mostly in the High Wold region (including the goatf=olk hamlet of Shagsend!), but there are also a couple of jaunts into the fu=ngal forests of Mulchgrove and into far flung regions at the edge of the Wo=od.
  • New spells: Two of the hexes lined up for thi=s month feature NPC wizards specialising in more obscure branches of the ar=cane (flesh warping and bakery, in fact=E2=80=94long term Dolmenwood fans c=an probably guess which NPCs we’re talking about here). So I’ll send out an= updated version of the New Spells appendix, augmented with 7 additional ar=cane oddities, formatted in the easy-to-read Old-School Essentials style.
  • Dolmenwood adventuring party generator: 2 pages of= procedures and tables for generating NPC adventuring parties with all the =new Dolmenwood races and classes (and your bog standard clerics, fighters, =etc for good measure, of course). Includes tables for generating characters= with standard race-as-class and for Advanced style characters with separat=e race and class. Also includes quest generator tables, to quickly determin=e “why is this NPC party wandering in the woods?”.
  • More mo=nsters: I’ll try to include a few monsters as well, possibly inclu=ding some witches and fairies.

Old-School Essentials Kickstart=er=E2=80=94Finishes March 25th

We’re now in=to the last 4 days of the box sets Kickstarter (finishes Friday, March= 25 at 1PM East Coast US time). I’m really happy to say that we’ve unlocked= loads of our stretch goals.

  • All backers will get a set of 8 mi=ni-adventure PDFs written by a team of fantastic authors, many of whom you =may know from their work on Dolmenwood and Old-School Essentials: Chance Du=dinack, Dan Wilson + Sarah Brunt, Brian Yaksha, Diogo Nogueira, Brad Kerr, =Giuseppe Rotondo, Glynn Seal, Nate Treme.
  • All backers will get a f=ree print + PDF supplement with additional character classes, expanded gear=, new monsters, and referee advice.
  • The Classic + Advanced pledge =tier gets you two deluxe box sets (9 hardcover books in total), plus all of= the stretch goals, all for $100. That’s a $70 discount off the eventual re=tail price of everything.

Art Preview

And just for fun, here’s a little preview of some art, by Andr=ew Walter, from the Dolmenwood Monster Book. This depicts a gaggle= of marsh lanterns up to no good.

All For Now

I’m very excited to share all this new material wi=th you all!

Gavin / Moss Master

Check it out!