Thor=n Wall

Hello everyone! for the 1st map of March here i=s a wall protected by a barrier of thorns. Perhaps it was created by a help=ful forest spirit, summoned by a druid circle in a great ritual, or the roo=ts of a giant tree mysteriously extended themselves to shield the kingdom’s= walls.

This map may be the first one of a l=ittle bit of a series: I would like to make a couple of battlemaps that are= part of one same region, then I would draw a kingdom-scaled map for this r=egion and some NPCs, creatures and other things that you can find there, I =think it could be fun as prompts and you can always choose to use it all or= just parts of it! For now I’m still developing the idea in my head but hop=efully I’ll share more about it soon, I hope you like the idea, if you have= suggestions about it let me know! 🙂


Download Links:

Free Battlemap=C2=A0=

Adventurer ($1)=C2=A0

File includes d=ay and night variations in gridded (26×23) and gridless versions.

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Hero of the Realm ($3)=C2=A0

File includes all =32 combinations of different variations, both in gridded (26×23) and gridle=ss versions.


Thank you so much for your support, I hope you find go=od use for this map and in your adventures!

Check it out!