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Our Kunoichi is here! Thanks a lot to Frank for c=oming up with design for her. She still need some modification on her face =and breast, but I can’t wait to share with you all lol. Will have her final= version post soon:)

Big thanks to Martin fo=r the original idea for this upcoming release!

Below are back ground stories and description for each characters from F=rank. Big thanks to him!

After the Great War=, the shogunate ordered his men to find the most beautiful thing in the red=-light district for his enjoyment and his relief over the great battles tha=t he and his men fought. He ordered them to receive and protect the most be=autiful thing in the red-light District The Geisha. She was ever beautiful =and mysterious able to woo and heal those who have been fought and battled.= Little did he know and his men the Geisha had work with a dark Yokai evil =spirits that can possess the body and corrupt the soul. He Employed a Wande=ring Warrior The Ronin to company his men in their travels to protect the G=eisha. The Ronin seems like he has a history with the Geisha a secret love?= Or maybe a darker purpose. However a mysterious Warrior revealed itself to= be possessed by the dark Yokai a sumo wrestler from a tournament Gone Miss=ing angry and distraught thinking Vengeance against the Geisha that turned =him. The Geisha told the Ronin if he slays The monster she will reward him =with something special. Something lurks in the shadows a sexy and cute ninj=a known as the kunoichi was sent from her Village in deep shadow to slay th=e Geisha for the crimes against Mortal kind from her Elders of the village =can she do it?

The Ronin

A wondering lone Swordsmen hired by the shogunate to protect th=e Geisha with his men. This samurai has a dark history with the Geisha a se=cret love? Or maybe something darker.

The Ge=isha

A mysterious and beautiful prostitute i=n the red light district that has ties to the Dark Yokai. She’s being of th=e companies by Bodyguard sent by the shogunate and also being accompanied b=y The Ronin who seems to be more entwine with her without the Shogun knowle=dge.

The Bodyguards

Men who are sent by the Shogun to protect The geisha.

The sumo wrestler / demon wrestler

A wrestler that was once famous gone missing now revealed itself to= attack the Geisha for a vengeance that wronged him.

The Kunoichi

A sexy Ninja sent by T=he Village deep in Shadow to capture or slay the Geisha for the crimes agai=nst Mortals.

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