Wave Echo Cave – Lost Mine of Phandelver – Maps &= VTT files

Hey all of my amazing Patrons, and those visiti=ng my page, probably from Reddit!

Thanks to my gene=rous patrons I have been able to give this map out for free today due to th=e lovely support from you all. This map has been released to the public, in=stead of one of my usual two patron-exclusive maps each month. I cast the v=ote to see if you were all happy me doing this, and it had 100% yes, so, th=ank you.

Today I have my rendition of Wave Echo Cave, from the amazing Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure. By =far the largest map I’ve ever done, it easily took well over 20 hours to co=mplete, but I hope the hard work, time, and effort I put into this allows y=ou to all get the most out of the adventure. This map has been requested mo=re times than I can count!

A few notes about the map, I understand t=hat it notes that the cave is mostly dark, with the PCs probably having the=ir own light sources. But I can’t stand the look of maps with complete dark=ness, due to the fact that it makes it look so flat. To that end, I’ve adde=d quite a few torches throughout to really make the map ‘pop’.

Furth=ermore, I’ve pretty much doubled the size of the entire map, as opposed to =how it’s presented in the official map for it. I find this allows combat to= be much for forgiving to new players, and just opens up the possibilities =for tactical movement during fighting.

I’ve also taken a few liberti=es to add more depth to the map, for example a few nasties hidden in the wa=ter on the west side of the map, whether or not you want to make use of the=m is up to you. I’ve also made the cave parts of the map more ‘cavernous’ w=ith tiny, winding paths, usually leading to nowhere, but I find it works ni=cely in contrast to the more uniform areas that the dwarves have hewn for b=arracks, storage, etc.

The grid dimensions a=re 72×90. I’ve attached a gridded and gridless image below=, furthermore there are the VTT files that can be used in Foundry V=TT, Encounter+, D20Pro, Roll20, MapTool, Arkenforge and Fantasy Grounds.

Due to Roll20 having a file size limi=tation of 10mb I’ve also attached a compressed version within that limit.
This map uses the fantastic Shadow & Light pack from Krager, definitely check it out i=f you want to add a tonne of depth to your maps.

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I also have comp=letely free versions of the Ruins of Thundertree, Wyvern Tor, Cragm=aw Castle and Cragmaw Hideout available here, so =feel free to grab those!

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