Drowned Archives – Rediscovered

The Drowned Archives is simultaneously one of= my oldest (almost 5 years!!) locations and one of the most popula=r judging by how often I see it out in the wild and interacted with by user=s. The original maps (and the very humble writeup I did for it at the time)= have been included as an additional download below for you to compare agai=nst and use as you wish.=C2=A0

While the mai=n location’s premise was fun and I knew people were using it, in hindsight =it contains a fatal flaw that simply wasn’t a priority for me then at the t=ime: it can’t really be played with on a typical encounter scale! Enter: Drowned Archives – Rediscovered!

These new, encounter-scale, renditions of the upper an=d lower levels of this classic location are 59×75 squares =and 40×75 squares respectively, easily putting each of the=m among the largest battle-ready maps I’ve made to date. I’m releasing them= in tandem here as a single set as a part of our 5 year anniversary= and hope that they’ll get to rekindle some joy in exploring them-=-particularly for supporters newer to the patreon.=C2=A0

Check it out!