New Dominion ExoKnight prototype

It’s been something like six years since I revi=sited my ExoKnights, and now that the (New) Dominion has gotten a makeover,= I thought it was high time I took a crack at these. Smaller than the T.A.P==2E which we released a few years back,= but following a similar aesthetic, th=e ExoKnights of the New Dominion are from wealthy loyalist families, and ar=e born into the officer rank. As such, they get assigned to a legacy suit o=f bulky power armor. Not as powerful as a T.A.P. but far easier to control,= these suits all but ensure the safety of the wearer, all while letting the=m reap undeserved glory and live out their sick power fantasies. Where the =ExoKnights of the Old Dominion were honored veterans, the New Dominion vers=ions are usually resented by their underlings, particularly those who had t=o work their way into the higher ranks.

I’ve= released the prototype model to the rewards folder (for patrons at $5+), a=nd it will need support when printing. (For those who signed on this month,= you=E2=80=99ll get access to the reward folders when we send the next link=s, about a week or so into April.) I’ve already made some minor modificatio=ns I like to that scheme (smaller dome and forearms, some extra greebles) w=hich are subtle, but you can see that in the second image. The eventual ver=sion of this (or at least one of them) will be included in that upcoming du=ngeon-crawler board game we’ve been teasing (the one that’ll feature Mister= Goop and those robo-vermin we’ve been releasing weekly), and will serve a =sort of “mini-boss” role. Anyway, there’s lots more that I’m excited to sha=re regarding that project, and we’ll be dropping more info soon.

– Dutchmogul

Check it out!