The Temple of Annaaru (24×26)

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Hey everyone! Let me present to you the Temple of Annaaru, the third map for the Churches & Templ=es theme.

The temple of Annaaru is the large=st temple of the Goddess of Life and Light. It is part of a large complex o=f buildings dedicated to worship of Annaaru. The temple was built by Fredri=c Lightbringer, a mighty knight and later devout follower of Annaaru.

The Church of Annaaru is lead by Father White, wh=o is also the religious leader of the city of Thring. The old man sports a =short white beard and short, well-kept white hair. Father White is often dr=essed in long decorated robes of white and gold. He hold office in the temp=le where he can often be found offering guidance to followers of Annaaru. O=ther times he might be doing his rounds in the House of Healing, a short wa=lk away from the temple.

The Temple is known= for the healing abilities of its priests. People travel many miles to visi=t it looking for a cure for their ailments. Additionally the temple provide=s a wide variety of high-quality medicine for the surrounding villages and =even across the kingdom.

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