Alternate Monk v2.0.0 – Public Release!

If you aren=E2=80=99t familiar with the Alterna=te Monk, it is my attempt to fix a few of the issues with the monk as prese=nted in the *Player=E2=80=99s Handbook*:

MADness. One of the main drawbacks of the Monk is that you ne=ed high Dexterity, Wisdom, AND Constitution. One of the things I=E2=80=99ve= tried to do is allow monks to only focus on Dexterity and Wisdom. (1) You =have a d10 hit die so you can afford to ignore your Constitution as much as= any other class. (2) Granting additional Ki Points equal to your Wisdom mo=difier. (3) Spirit of Tranquility replacing Evasion and Diamond Soul as a b=onus to your saving throws akin to the Paladin that keys off your Wisdom mo=difier.

Early Reliance on Weapons. I=E2=80=99ve always thought it was weird that in order to play opti=mally you need to use a quarterstaff at low levels. Now you don=E2=80=99t n=eed to do that with the adjustments to Martial Arts and Flurry of Blows.

Extremely Narrow Flavor. A lo=t of the PHB monk=E2=80=99s abilities are really cool, but they box you int=o a pretty small thematic area for characters. By moving abilities like Slo=w Fall, Deflect Movement, Tongue of Sun & Moon, and Empty Body into Tec=hniques, you can now customize your Monk to be (almost) whatever style of u=narmed warrior you want!

Change Log<=/strong>

Misc // Art & Formatting update=s

Flurry of Blows // Can only be used when y=ou take the attack action and make unarmed strikes. 11th level improvement =changed.

Monastic Traditions // added Signat=ure Techniques for each Tradition

Slow Fall =& Deflect Missiles // Now Techniques

Enl=ightened Fist // Now only unarmed strikes are magical (make way for the Wux=ia)!

Stillness of Mind // Merged with Spirit= of Tranquility

Way of the Drunken Fist // N=EW Tradition based on the Way of the Drunken Master.

Open Hand // 3rd level features completely reworked. Ebb and Flow==E2=80=99s speed reduction given a duration. Empowered Strike renamed to Op=en Hand Strike

Radiance // Spirit of Light h=as been removed. Luminous Burst now explicitly lets you cast radiant fireba=ll. Grand Master grants immunity to radiant damage and blinding.

Reaper // Armor of the Grave costs 1 additional Ki eac=h time you use it

Shadow Arts // Cloak of Sh=adow allows you to remain invisible if opportunity attacks miss. Grand Mast=er of Shadows buffs all subclass features.

W=ay of the Wuxia // NEW Tradition based on the Way of the Kensei

Techniques // All Strike Techniques can only be used wi=th melee attacks. Empowered Strike can knock back UP TO 5x your WIS mod fee=t. Patient Defense can be used for free at 11th level. Deflect Missiles can= spend Ki to deflect spells at 11th level. Armor of the Ascetic happens at =the end of every rest

Alternate Monk=: Expanded document!

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