April Full Preview! Island of Dr. Maneater=

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=The new release is right around the corner so check out the full preview of= this twisted cyber collection!

The Borderland was supposed to reemerge as the =land of tomorrow. Instead, it is lost. The dust has fallen after vicious ba=ttles between noble houses. Every scrap of terrain has been claimed and pai=d for in blood. The desert was butchered and divided between aristocrats, n=omads, rebels, criminals, trading alliances, and everyone who managed to re=ap a small part for themself. One of them is Dr. Maneater<=/strong>.

Once a brilliant= geneticist working in the high-tech towers of Titan City, now a cannibalis=tic madman, plotting his revenge. He used to work on altering the human gen=ome with an ancient sequence harvested from the most powerful creatures to =ever live on Earth. Since man has met many alien races through space travel=, humanity was no longer considered to be on the top of the food chain, the= apex predators. This had to change.=C2=A0

Maneater’s plans posed a grave threat to the council’s and Ryan Ric=kssons business. Co-existence with aliens and exploiting each other’s needs= was quite lucrative. That’s why the doctor was targeted with manufactured =plots and scandals that led to his defamation followed by bankruptcy. In th=e end, he was banished to the desert and expected to perish.=C2=A0


But he prevailed. He managed to take a part= of the land for himself by surrounding it with a lake of toxic waste. That=’s how the Island of Dr. Maneater was born. In his new asylum, he continued= his research. His first success was a human-dinosaur hybrid that he called= Dino-mongrels. The army of minions had =just a partial intelligence but managed the basic tasks. This breakthrough =has opened the doors for Maneater’s greatest invention – the revival of Dinosaur Laser Beasts. The Titan City will =soon bow down to their genetically modified superiority.=C2=A0

Unless… There are three people who can stop h=im. They all came to the Island separately and for different reasons but on=ce witnessing the macabre, they heroically decided to join forces and blast= the whole place down.

Anna= Jones heard about the experiments that took place on the= Island and decided to go there in search of a cure for her younger sister’=s genetic condition. Worst case scenario, she figured the equipment is wort=h a great deal and she could pawn it on the black market.

The toxins from the lake surrounding the island hav=e melted through the sand and reached a small bunker inhibited by isolation=ists. These people hated the outside world but were not yet too depressed t=o do anything about it and started an underground community. The bunker eld=ers have chosen Mufasa Quallin to locate= the source of toxins and save their recluse.

Lone desert wolf Jake Rockatacky<=em> was tasked with maintaining law and order on the roads of Borderlands b=y one of the nobles but has quickly become a self-proclaimed, chaotic good =sheriff who answered to no one. In his Cadillac, the Ambus=her, he watches over innocent. Currently, the road took h=im to the Island to search for missing people and investigate the rumors of= weird experiments and cannibalism.

Wil=l the trio succeed? Or is it all for nothing anyway as the Borderland’s hor=izon is becoming infested with strange tall figures appearing out of nowher=e. The locals call them the Warmongers because they carelessly attack anyth=ing in sight. Their origin and their motives are yet to be discovered. Is a=nother world-ending scenario dawning on the sands? You will have to find ou=t for yourself as we are preparing something brand new for the next release= on Cyber Forge!

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