Colossal Creatures =E2=80=93 Rules for Climbing= on Larger Creatures

Interested in rules for climbing and slaying co=lossal creatures? That=E2=80=99s what my personal campaign=E2=80=99s all ab=out, and here are the rules that I use:

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=E2=80=9CI leap from the ledge and try to lan=d on the dragon=E2=80=99s back!=E2=80=9D =C2=A0declares the barbarian.= What follows? The answer is probably different =C2=A0at every table. Altho=ugh improvisation is a staple in 5e to be =C2=A0celebrated, in these high-r=isk cases it=E2=80=99s often a boon for both the =C2=A0players and GM to kn=ow what kind of rolls might follow, what the monster =C2=A0might do in reta=liation, and what sort of advantages they have to gain =C2=A0(beyond the sh=eer cinematic glory of it!)

This Colossal Creat=ures ruleset was forged inside my personal homebrew campaign, heavily ==C2=A0inspired by Shadow of the Colossus, Monster Hunter, and my primal =C2==A0obsession with tiny heroes clashing with huge monsters. These rules aren==E2=80=99t finished, and I=E2=80=99ll likely go on tweaking them forever an=d ever, =C2=A0so I encourage you to keep what you like, change what you wil=l, and drop =C2=A0the rest. Please leave your feedback in the comments too!= Together we =C2=A0can help this ruleset evolve into something great.

Despite the wording so-far, these rules can be used for =Large monsters, Colossal monster, or anytime a smaller =C2=A0creature wishe=s to grapple a larger creature. They are even useful for =C2=A0vehicles, mo=ving terrain, and other uncertain footing!

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I’d love to hear your feedback, as this is the first piece of= homebrew I’ve EVER released! Hope to see you in the comments. 🙂

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