Creator Commercial Tier License

I’m very excited to announce that I now have a<=strong> Commercial Creator License so writers and creators can use= my maps and content in their projects without explicit permission or negot=iation with me. My hope is that this will become a great resource for creat=ors looking to make content and adventures for Pi=rate Borg or Limithron’s Guide to =Naval Combat!

Sign up =here!

Using Limithron Maps & Content in Commercial =Products

Patrons subscribed to the Crea=tor Tier are allowed and encouraged to use Limithron maps & conten=t in their commercial projects.

It is aimed =at long term relationships, not =E2=80=9Csign up and grab what I need=E2=80==9D.

The following restrictions apply:

  • The license is granted to you for as long as you are a Limithron Cre=ator Tier Patron.
  • You are welcome to =E2=80=9Climit=E2=80=9D your =pledge to twice a month (i.e. $30/month), but no less. (I typically release= 2 to 4 projects a month).
  • Licensees are encouraged to stay subscr=ibed and keep making content. There is no monthly limit to how many maps or= illustrations you may use, but you must be subscribed for the duration of =the creative and primary marketing life of your project. You do not have to= stay subscribed forever, and your use license is still applicable after yo=u unsubscribe, but just be cool about it. If you need a hard guideline, use= this: you must be subscribed for 60 days after the publication date of you=r project.
  • Attribution. You must include my name =in the credits and link to my website: =E2=80=9CMaps by Luke Stratton | Lim=ithron=E2=80=9D and I appreciate cal=louts on the page where the map is used beneath or beside the map, but this= is not required. I understand this might not result in a professional layo=ut. Example: =E2=80=9CGet the full-size version of this map at
  • You must include the Limithron Watermark on al=l maps. Both black and white files are provided below. The waterma=rk must be clearly displayed in one of the corners of the map. It must be a=t least 2 inches wide in print or about =C2=BC of the width of the map. The= aspect ratio and color may not be altered, and you may not reduce it below= 50% transparency.
  • No high-res downloads. Maps an=d content may be used for reference in your printed projects and for 300dpi= digital PDFs, but you may not include the full res maps or assets as part =of a ZIP file or map pack. For example, if you write an adventure for the Nautiloid, you can include a full page, watermarked version of it i=n your PDF, but you can=E2=80=99t provide the high res files for VTT use as= part of your package.
  • You may use any of the assets or tokens pro=vided on my Patreon (excluding any content made by another creator as part =of a collab), including the Prop Emporium, but only in conjunction with oth=er Limithron maps & assets.
  • Notification of Use: Creators using Limithron content are not required to notify me= of their projects as long as watermarks and attribution are done correctly=, but I would love to see your work!
  • You may mashup, edit=, and alter maps & assets, but I request that you run the final creatio=n by me (I just want to make sure it doesn=E2=80=99t look terrible). Once t=rust has been established this won=E2=80=99t be a requirement.
  • You= may freely reference Limithron=E2=80=99s Guide to Naval Combat= as needed, and you may include the free PDF as part of your =digital files. Print rights are reserved though.
  • You may reference= any mechanics, rules, locations, monsters, and NPCs from Pirat=e Borg. Pirate Borg projects are not required to include Limithron watermarks on maps! See info on the Pirate =Borg 3rd Party License (coming soon).
  • Restrictions on Use


    Limithron maps and content are intended for use= in adventures and supplements. The following =C2=A0restrictions apply:


    • 1000 word minimum.
    • No repackaging and reselling as map or= asset packs.
    • Cropping, editing, recoloring, and mashups must be a=pproved by me.
    • It can not appear that your project is an official =Limithron release or that it is endorsed by me.
    • You can not use my= content for T-shirt, posters, or other products out of the scope of this l=icense.
    • I reserve the right to cancel this license, without refund=, at any time for creators I deem to be damaging to my brand or reputation,= or that I deem offensive or immoral. This includes but is not limited to a=ny projects promoting racism, homophobia, biogty, sexism, etc.
    Virtual Table Top (VTT) Use

    I encourage co=ntent creators to use high resolution Limithron maps & assets in their =Foundry and Roll20 content releases, but that use is not covered in= this Patreon Commercial Tier License. Contact me directly for det=ails. A typical agreement for short adventures is a 50/50 revenue split, bu=t this is negotiable (for example, a large adventure with only one Limithro=n map).

    Further Use

    This blanket lic=ense is intentionally restrictive. Feel free to contact me directly to disc=uss use of my content without watermarks, at full resolution, etc. Please i=nclude a flat sum or profit sharing offer in your message.


    You can contact me at, on Discord at Limithron#1606, or through the Pa=treon messaging system.

    Check it out!